A downloadable game for Windows

A small test of the 3D capabilities of GameMaker Studio 1.4. It features a minimap, block destroying, block building (which is quite unreliable) and enemies (which do absolutely nothing at the moment).


Move: WASD

Look around: Mouse

Destroy/Build: Left mouse/Right mouse

Release Mouse: Alt

Quit: Escape


3D.exe 2 MB


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Thats absolutly great. Can you share source ? I trying to make something like this, i have sprint,crouch,jump,3d view but when i try to add some gui (like minimap) all objects are invisible, but collision works and room build are fixed on my view, not on floor. You code will help me a lot

the minimap works by just drawing the position of the blocks on the screen (with draw gui) at 1/4 of their original size

But "small" problem is I using gm8.1, much is same, but not all, draw gui is not supported. If you use draw gui its for me vaste. :D Nothing bad